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Aurora™ matte case - iPhone 11 - 13 series

Aurora™ matte case - iPhone 11 - 13 series

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We upgraded our classic Clear™ covers and included the color Pacific Blue!

This iPhone case is slim, lightweight and easy to grip. Plus, it lets you enjoy the iPhone's incredible matte finish while protecting it.

The transparent iPhone case is made with a combination of matte polycarbonate and flexible thermoplastic polyurethane that makes it comfortable and resistant at the same time.

The back is sturdy and the edges are made of a softer, more flexible material that fits perfectly with the buttons to make it easier to grip.

When you want to charge your phone wirelessly, simply leave the case on and place your iPhone on a Qi-certified charger.

The surface has a scratch-resistant coating, both inside and out, and all materials and coatings are designed to prevent the case from turning yellow over time.

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