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EDGE™ Magnetic Mount

EDGE™ Magnetic Mount

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Your workstation, anywhere

EDGE™ is the modular kit that can turn your laptop, tablet or monitor into a complete workstation, whether you're working from home or in the office. Reduce distractions and increase your productivity!

Upgrade your workstation to increase your productivity

Your phone becomes essential to improve the management of your daily tasks. Always have valuable information in view, never miss important messages and emails, work on mobile interfaces in real time, share your presentation while still seeing other hosts during online meetings, use your smartphone as an extension of your home screen are just a few examples of how your workflow will improve.


You can connect EDGE™ to virtually any laptop, tablet or monitor. It is compatible with all smartphones. And if you're feeling old school, you can make it work with a Nokia 3310 too.

We have two versions: the magnetic version compatible with all smartphones, and the MagSafe version compatible with iPhone 12/13/14 Series.

edge magnetic disc

Depending on the weight of your device, the magnetic attraction between the edge-mount magnet and your device's wireless charging coil might be enough to securely hold your phone without accessories. To increase the strength of the magnets, the edge comes with an ultra-thin magnetic disk that can be attached to your phone or phone case. Lighter devices work even without the magnetic drive. Larger devices can be used with the magnetic disk to increase the force.

design and engineering

The rim mount is made of CNC-machined aluminum, ensuring high precision and durability. The N52's high gripping surface and array of magnets have been engineered to deliver ultra-fast holding force to magnetically grip and hold your phone, even in the most challenging conditions.

The nano suction coating allows you to attach the mounting edge to any device, while allowing you to remove it without leaving any residue. The edge holder is not designed to be taken on and off frequently, however the nano suction layer can be reused up to a couple of times, should you need to switch devices. Also, in every pack there is a replacement cape included.

So thin you won't even feel it.

At just 4mm thin and with smooth ergonomic edges, the edge mount is essentially invisible while you're using and carrying your device.

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