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SuperSocks™ - Indestructible Socks

SuperSocks™ - Indestructible Socks

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An ultra-versatile minimalist shoe

SuperSocks™ is an ultra-versatile 4-in-1 minimalist shoe with a lightweight, weather-resistant, yet durable design. Equipped with a perforated insole, long-lasting polymer sole and functional fibers. Designed to keep up with you no matter what adventure you embark on.

Where to use them?

Our mission is to provide you with a compact yet protective shoe for sports and travel without all the bulk and weight of regular footwear. The shoe that is easy to wear, carry and maintain without sacrificing comfort, functionality, fit or safety. The product that adapts to your body, activates each muscle and tendon and lets your feet do their thing. So that you can simply move without limits.

Thanks to its compact size and "second skin" feel, Vavloo is the perfect shoe for sports (short runs, training, yoga, water sports) and works equally well as a reserve pair of shoes (travel, camping, hiking). , cycling).


Stretch and activate your feet! they adapt to your body, activate every muscle and tendon and let your feet do their thing.


The non-marking, no-drop soles are perfect for indoor use and promote better posture during squats, stretches, and other exercises.


Slip-resistant and cut-resistant soles give you the perfect grip, even in wet conditions, and help keep you safe around sharp corals.

To be clear, the ultra-versatile minimalist shoes are not intended to be a complete replacement for your regular footwear. Instead, think of them as an addition to your shoe rack and a training tool for your feet that reminds you of what's natural for your body.

The use of strong Swedish polymers, adhesive-free technology and 3-layer StretchKnit(TM) fabric make them durable and comfortable to wear.


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